puts "hello world"

Hi, this is where I keep my public facing thoughts. The site is a static HTML page generated by Jekyll. The style is thanks to the materialize css framework. The site is hosted on Amazons’ Simple Storage Service. The forms you may come across are wired up using the AWS JavaScript SDK and Amazons’ Simple Notification Service. The total monthly cost to operate darrenholland.com - as of the writing of this post - is less than a gallon of milk.

In the future I intend to host the site using Amazon’s Cloud Front CDN and facilitate conversation with disqus.

UPDATE: AWS announced a new product for supporting SSL/TLS certificates called AWS Certificate Manager. This tool made setting up https super easy and the certificate approval process is built into the CloudFront workflow for creating new distributions. After the cloud front distribution has deployed be sure to point your domain to the new CloudFront endpoint.